A successful mission to Phnom Penh reveals new horizons

The team that was sent to Phnom Penh on a 12-day mission has returned to France. The team was comprised of 3 surgeons, the doctors Kerurien, Corré and Bruzzo and the anaesthesiologist/doctor Jacquement.

More than 200 patients had consultations and 15 underwent surgery. The majority of the operations were performed to remove large tumors. All of the patients are now in the comfort of their own homes and on the road to a speedy recovery.

Training taken to another level

Several residents and interns followed our team’s every move during this mission. New interns also became interested in the surgeries we performed.

The trainees were deemed perfectly capable of giving proper health care to the patients. This is wonderful news for this hospital as we will most likely be able to pass down the torch.

Our next mission to Cambodia will be in November 2012.

publishing date: July 2012