Our teams have returned to Cambodia and Madagascar for another mission

The first assessment of our mission to Phnom Penh confirms that our teams of Khmerians will be fully capable of working autonomously in the foreseeable future. The hard work of our local teams made this great achievement possible.
A double team of surgeons worked during this 10-day mission and successfully operated on 30 patients.

Our other team travelled to Tamatave in Madagascar on an exploratory mission to establish a possible future mission at the University Hospital Center (UHC). After a very successful meeting with Madagascan teams, €80,000 of medical equipment was installed in consultation rooms and operating blocks.
Subsequently, several children underwent surgery performed by double teams of surgeons. Hearing aids were given to 30 individuals, the majority of which were children.
A system designed to give assistance and medical advice to local teams via the Internet was also installed.

publishing date: November 2015