Team 156 “En voiture Simone” is leaving for the automobile rally in Gazelles du Friday 14 March 2014 au Saturday 29 March 2014

The rallies begin Tuesday March 12, 2014 and proceeds will be donated to Entendre le Monde. Thanks to Audionova, Audial and Blagnac Audition 100 hearing aids will be packed in the team member’s bags and brought to the association Coeur de Gazelles.
At least €4,000 will be donated to Entendre le Monde. Depending on which awards the team wins the amount donated to the association might increase!


Follow the team on their Facebook page "En voiture Simone" and on the Rally in Gazelles website.
Hopefully more contacts will be made and future projects to collaborate with Entendre le Monde will be established at this event.
Good luck to all the team members!

publishing date: March 2014