Photography exhibit “Coeur, Corps et Âmes”

We would like to thank Guy Noves, Bouscatel (President of Toulouse Stadium) and all of the athletes, especially Vincent Clerc.

Coeur corps et âmes {PNG}For the first time in its history Toulouse Stadium allowed its locker rooms and practices to be photographed. Bernard Garcia, the well-known sports photographer, took magnificent photographs to help support the association Entendre le Monde.
The photographs will be on display at EDF BAZACLE from February 8 – 27. After the exhibit the photographs will be sold at auction to be held at the gala evening in April at the CAPOUL hotel.

A big thanks to Vincent Clerc one of Entendre le Monde’s sponsors from Toulouse. We would also like to thank Xavier Garbajosa, Dominique Arribagé, Alter Duo, especially Priscille Lacombe, Arnaud Sigu and Stéphane for their much appreciated support. Thanks to EDF BAZACLE for their valuable assistance. We hope this exhibit attracts countless visitors.

publishing date: January 2011