Personne n’est Innocent (No One is Innocent)

The evening entitled Personne n’est Innocent was a sales auction of contemporary art. All proceeds from the sale of tickets and a portion of the proceeds gained from the art pieces sold at auction were donated to Entendre le Monde. A total of €4,500 were donated.

Personne n'est innocentThe event took place April 19 and was a complete success.
Approximately fifty French and international pieces of art were sold. Some of the artists include: BEN, CESAR, CHU TEH-CHUN, Etc.

We would like to thank Àrnaud Chérubin and Olivier Bouscatel for organizing the evening and for their unparalleled knowledge and energy.

Thank you to everyone that attended this event. We would also like to thank those that purchased articles during the auction, contributing to the evening’s success.

Thanks to everyone’s support we acquired the appropriate funds to send a mission to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 2007.

publishing date: April 2007