Gala evening April 5, 2011

Soirée de gala Entendre Le Monde Avril 2011We would like to extend a thank you to the following participants:

Toulouse Stadium. Especially Guy Noves, Vincent Clerc and Yannick Bru.
The Capoul Hotel, its director and staff.
All of the companies that sponsored the evening (Veolia, l’Envol, Gérard Bertrand wines, Groupe Citroen Dallard, Audial, Visaudio, McDonald’s restaurant, Pierre Fabre laboratories, EDF, 15 Serge Blanco, Carrere and Biomega).
Priscille Lacombe and Stéphane Lafforgue from Alter Duo.
Those who purchased the exceptional photographs of Toulouse Stadium.
Master Eric Prim, the evening’s auctioneer who filled the auction with energy.
Thanks to all of you the evening’s proceeds exceeded the figure we had estimated. Almost €30,000 were collected, allowing us to continue our current missions and to organize more in the near future.

Entendre le Monde will be having another event very shortly. We will update this site with more details in a few weeks!

publishing date: April 2011