“Tronches de Vie” (A slice of life)

This year’s evening organized by Entendre le Monde will take place Tuesday November 2 at La Pergola Sporting (272 rout de Launaguet, Toulouse, France). The photographic essay “Mots et Marmots” (Words and Kids) that was created to benefit Entendre le Monde will be showcased at the event.

This photographic essay investigates childhood and the concept that our innocence is hard to tap into once we become adults.

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Tronches de vie - Mots et marmots

Tronches de Vie - Mots et marmots is a poetic, moving and often humorous homage to children and innocence – a magical characteristic at this moment in life where everything seems possible but that is often lacking once we become adults. This book of black and white photographs is accompanied by poetic text about brother-sister relationships and the rich world of childhood imagination.

Priscille Lacombe (Alter Duo) will be hosting the evening. Vincent Clerc, one of our sponsors will also be present. Emmanuel Delandre, the author and photographer of “Mots et marmots,” will be doing a book signing that starts at 7PM.

A cocktail party will follow the book signing. The signed large format photographs will be on exhibit and all the proceeds from sales will be donated to Entendre le Monde. The following is a list of our sponsors that will also be present at this event: Citroên DALLARD, Audionova France, Clinique Sarrus Teinturiers, Pergola and Alterduo.

You can find the book “Mots et marmots” on sale at our sponsor’s locations. The following list does not include all sales points:

  • Citroen Dallard Montaudran
  • TFC - shop
  • Orly - shop
  • l’Atelier - shop
  • Marchand Drapier - shop
  • l’Emulation Nautique - restaurant
  • Pergola (Lardenne, Sporting, Labège) - restaurants
  • TOEC Casteix
  • Audionova - shop

Thanks to all of our supporters!

publishing date: September 2010