A big thanks

A beautiful charity event organized to support Entendre le Monde took place May 19. The event was a great success in terms of both charitable giving and the evening itself.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the evening:

  • Henri de Vergeron who coordinated the evening.
  • Thomas Fantini and Coralie from the restaurant La Pergola. Gerald Garcia from the hotel Hostellerie de la Pommarède for the fabulous feast and the wonderful service they provided.
  • The companies involved: Euroson, Halloween, Videokit.
  • Àrnaud Chérubin (UBU club) for hosting the evening.
  • TFC, especially their president Olivier Sadran and Jean François Soucasse who welcomed us in Toulouse Stadium’s corporate suite.
  • The group Citroen Dallard who is always a welcome presence at our events.
  • All of the athletes present at the event and their generous donations: Pierre André Gignac, Cédric Carasso, Daniel Congré, Vincent Clerc and our sponsors Dominique Arribagé and Xavier Garbajosa.
  • Maître de Colonges and his dynamic presence as the evening’s auctioneer.
  • All of the individuals that attended the evening and those that purchased articles during the auction.

This successful event will allow us to continue our present missions and plan others for the future.

publishing date: May 2009