2 missions to Phnom Penh

Formation DES ORL CambodgeThe first mission to Phnom Penh, Cambodia that took place November 18 - 23, 2011 was a great success. Entendre le Monde’s team is composed of Dr Doumali (anaesthesiologist, Toulouse), Bruzzo (surgeon, Marseille) and Martin and Lagleyre (surgeons, Toulouse). They successfully operated on 25 patients and had consultations with 300 other individuals. The team also gave the first set of ENT training courses to Cambodian students and interns.
Formation DES ORL Cambodge

Jeune patiente cambodgienne après opérationThe second mission with team members Dr. Jacquemet (anaesthesiologist, Toulouse), Kerurien and Corré (surgeons, Paris) and Gardini (surgeon, Toulouse) will take over in Phnom Penh, Cambodia starting November 23 and will return to France December 4, 2011.

publishing date: November 2011