Founding “Entendre le Monde”

During Medecins du Monde’s mission “operation sourire” to Cambodia in 2005 we became conscious of the fact that this country has inadequate health care for deaf individuals. We visited Ang Duong hospital in Phnom Penh and realized that this establishment lacked the resources and did not offer the proper training to cope with the number of deaf individuals present, despite the fact that this establishment specializes in ENT. Many of the patients in the hospital were children suffering from cholesteatoma (potentially fatal ear tumors that invade the meninges and the brain). The only available treatment for this condition is surgery performed under a microscope.

We promptly decided to organize our first mission whose goal was to perform operations on as many patients as possible, train Cambodian surgeons and assess the potential causes of these patients’ condition.

We immediately worked to establish partnerships in France with
companies producing surgical materials (XOMED, COLLIN ORL and ETHICON)
and with our respective clinics in which we practice. Meanwhile in Cambodia we offered training to local doctors.

In 2006 we established our 2nd mission that had an additional goal: to improve the diagnostic process and the care provided for deaf patients. 16 additional patients where operated on.
During this mission we decided to organize a new mission every 6 months to Phnom Penh.

In the near future, we would like to make use of our extensive experience by organizing missions to more remote Cambodian cities as well as Madagascar and Ecuador…
We also hope to take action in other countries. HOWEVER IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS GOAL A REALITY WE NEED YOUR HELP!

in impoverished countries

  • Affects 8% of the population
  • ¼ of the patients are children
  • Preventive measures can be taken to avoid 1/2 of these cases
  • Less than 1 individual out of 40 is given care